PMS & Spare parts library creation

Shipping Companies are using high end PMS systems and Spare Parts Libraries such as DANAOS, NAVISION, Telecomputers ERP, etc in an effort to automate the Maintenance schedules and procedures followed by the vessel.

And while these platforms are really useful, they are also very cumbersome to create as they require the input of more than 20000 items with item codes, specifications, makers, as well as PMS schedules, jobs, etc, all hidden within hundreds of Equipment Manuals.

Our company can relieve you of that burden by undertaking to create these databases, as well as the job schedules for a variety of the most commonly used PMS Softwares in the market. We provide a total solution by creating databases of all required equipment, vessel locations, spare parts, maintenance schedules and flagging critical items.

With over 50 vessel libraries built so far, we can provide you with a complete PMS and Spare Parts Library for your vessel within two months.