MRV & IMO DCS monitoring

With the 2020 IMO Sulphur Cap implementation, monitoring can be a tricky business, as all information will be reported to the verifiers and in case of MRV shall also be made publicly available by the EU.

Since 2018 when the EU MRV Regulation came into force, our company provides monitoring services to ships that carry out cargo operations in European ports and fall into the scope of the EU Regulation, or global monitoring for the IMO DCS Regulation. Our services can be summarized as follows:

  • a) Preparation and submission of EU MRV Monitoring Plans or SEEMP Part 2 to verifier, and follow up until approval.
  • b) Daily monitoring & review of the vessel's FO/MDO/LSFO consumption and examination of distance travelled/time spent at sea/anchorage time, etc. based on the monitoring method.
  • c) Gathering of all necessary documents (bills of lading/draft surveys, BDNs, Noon/Arrival/Departure Reports, etc)
  • d) Calculation of emissions & key indicators and preparation of the required class documents/ Reporting Forms at the year's end as well as submission to verifier for verification.
  • e) Calculation of the EIVs and submission of all required information on THETIS Platform upon verification.
  • In a few words, we assume all the required actions for the monitoring and reporting of your vessels with regard to EU MRV and IMO DCS Regulations, and supply to you the DoC at the end of every year, only for a small annual fee per vessel.

    The vessels send the information directly to us, so that you need not get involved in the process at all, and if we find discrepancies/mistakes, we request corrections to noon reports/tank soundings or any other reported data from the vessel.