Marine Studies, Plans & Drawings

Kappa Marine Consultants can provide various studies for your vessels as per the IMO and SOLAS regulations.

Regarding more demanding studies, our team will be available to discuss your requests with your technical department and find solutions to either improve your vessels or use them more efficiently.

Kappa Marine Consultants can prepare the following studies as well as any required plan for your vessel.


  • Cargo Securing Manuals
  • Trim & Stability Booklets
  • Damage Stability Booklets
  • General Arrangements
  • Capacity Plans
  • Fire & Safety Plans
  • Visibility Studies
  • VOC Management Plans
  • STS Manuals
  • Towing Booklets
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans
  • Garbage Management Plans
  • Tonnage Measurements as Per Greek Legislation

  • Tank Top Strength Calculations
  • Dunnage Calculations
  • TEU Maximization Studies
  • Air Draft Reduction
  • Crane Installation Strength Calculation
  • 3D modeling of various ship types
  • Damage Stability Calculations
  • Panama Canal Modification