Emergency Responce Services

Experienced and qualified Naval Architects on continuous basis are prepared to assist a case of Emergency Service and to carry out Damage Stability and Strength Calculations, as well as to evaluate Drills, as required by shipping companies' ISM Code, in respect of Emergency Response Service.

Kappa Marine's database consists of more than eighty-five vessels of different types, naming tankers, bulk carriers, containerships, LNG and general cargo ships.

Our immense experience regarding the ERS program and the state-of-the-art marine software that we use (MAXSURF suite) have distinguished our company in the ERS market, making it a trustworthy and effective ERS provider.

During an accident, our services include:

  • Estimation of the vessel's condition in terms of damage stability and residual strength
  • Analysis of the damage case and calculation of the loss of section modulus – hull girder strength
  • Preparation of a step-by-step action plan with corrective actions in order to eliminate any stability problems and recover the ship's self floating ability